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Summary session of the Forum of the Leaders of PPPs: The potential of using PPP in financing investments related to green transition

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Marek Kuzaka



Tomaž Lanišek

Dyrektor Rozwoju,

Smart City i Projektów w Urzędzie Miasta Kranj, Słowenia 

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Bartosz Mysiorski

CEO of Centrum PPP

World Bank

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Adriana Mierzwa Bronikowska

Partner, DLA Piper

Jarosław Rot (6).jpg

Jarosław Rot

Operational Director

BNP Paribas


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Arkadiusz Pieńkowski

Association of Banks


Wojciech Ciurzynski

CEO of Granaria

Artur Zielinski_wiceprezydent.jpg

Artur Zieliński

Deputy Mayor

Municipality of Płock

Our 2022 program presents a series of keynotes, case studies, and discussion panels, designed for attendees to deepen their understanding on the value proposition of PPP, and the role they can play in the delivery of essential public infrastructure.


Attendees with little experience in the development and operation of the PPP model will benefit from our industry experts presenting their knowledge, and valuable insights into market trends crucial for business decisions.

Main topics to be discussed: Financing the climate transition with PPPs, with special consideration to energy transition, due to recent geopolitical changes in the Eastern European region How can PPP and infrastructure projects become climate resilient and contribute to the circular economy agenda? Low-carbon and energy-efficient projects for the existing infrastructure of cities. Energy efficiency and renewable solutions for public buildings in the PPP formula. Forum of the Leaders of PPPs is the premier conference for collaboration between public and private sector professionals considering, developing, and implementing PPP projects. This year's edition is regarding climate and energy transition for Poland and the region of Central Eastern Europe.

A state's energy policy is a country's security policy. The clean energy transition is a key aspect of smart city initiatives to create climate friendly and sustainable urban areas. Energy mix of cities - how to effectively implement solutions? Supporting the development of renewable energy sources in cities? Are the programs supporting the development of renewable energy sources sufficient? How to build the investment attractiveness for renevables companies of cities and regions? How to attract the interest of the investor and the financing institution? .How to conduct effective public consultations and obtain the support of the local community? Evaluation of the efficiency of the project - the first major step towards PPP - pre-implementation analyzes (technical, legal-organizational and economic-financial) as the key to the subsequent success of PPP. Choosing the most optimal implementation model (PPP vs traditional methods) .Preparation of the document Efficiency evaluation (stakeholder analysis, technical analysis, risk analysis, legal analysis, market analysis, demand analysis, economic and financial analysis, Value For Money analysis, summary) - competences of municipalities and the problem of evaluating the work of advisors - how to properly verify the received project documentation ? Is it possible to introduce standardization that will make it easier for local governments to verify the work of advisers?

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Forum of the Leaders of PPPs is the premier conference for collaboration between public and private sector professionals considering, developing, and implementing PPP projects. Last year over 600 professionals attended online to discover development partners, find creative project finance solutions, learn strategies for handling the complexities of public-private partnerships and network with an elite mix of industry professionals. 


Forum Liderów PPP brings together industry experts and top-level decision-makers to examine the current state of the PPP in Poland and identify the role they play in the development and delivery of real estate, social infrastructure, and economic development projects. The conference plays a  unique industry role in driving collaboration as a catalyst for industry executives, capital allocators, field experts and thought-leaders to come together. 


The conference is one of the largest gatherings of government and development professionals in the country related to PPP. It attracts senior management from firms in the construction, engineering, architecture, legal and consulting industries as well as public leaders, higher education officers and development officials at the municipal, and country levels of government. Attendees benefit from countless opportunities to interact with the industry’s most influential professionals, experts, service providers and public leaders.  


City of Kranj is among the most agile in smart area and goes head to head with Rotterdam, Helsinki, Tallin, Guimaraes:

Benchmarking the role of the Public Sector and Location Intelligence in Smart Spaces (see the City of Kranj's Smart Mlaka project):


Kranj is also in the mission EU 100 carbon-neutral and smart cities by 2030 (like 5 Polish cities):

Tomaž Lanišek 

Head of Unit for Development, Smart City and Projects,

City Municipality of Kranj, Slovenia


Tomaž Lanišek is a former CEO of Knauf Insulation in Slovenia and Croatia, and prior to joining Knauf Insulation, he worked in the field of purchasing, sales and general management at Goodyear Dunlop Sava Tires. He holds a degree of a Master of Science in Economics and an MBA from Drury University in the USA and completed Program for Executive Development at IMD in Lausanne, Switzerland. He is the Vice-President of American Chamber of Commerce in Slovenia (AmCham) and is working on several areas, the current preoccupation being a Smart City Manager at the City Municipality of Kranj in the wake of development of technology and trends for modern cities. In 2011, he was honoured Top Potential of the Year title in Slovenia. In companies where he worked, he always fostered talents and work with employees, renovation of business processes and innovation. He is a Master of photography and a keen sportsman.

Adriana Mierzwa Bronikowska

partner and the head of Projects team at the DLA Piper Poland. She specialises in complex infrastructure projects, including project finance and public-private partnerships (PPP). For more than 20 years she has advised public and private entities and providers of financing on projects in energy, transport, healthcare, and infrastructure for sports, recreation, water and sewage, supporting clients at all stages of projects – from structuring, through preparing and negotiating agreements including with subcontractors, to arranging financing and during the execution stages. She is the co-author of the four-volume PPP guidelines published by the Ministry of Development Funds and Regional Policy, and is a member of the board of the International Project Finance Association.

Wojciech Ciurzyński

Construction engineer, graduate of the Warsaw University of Technology (Faculty of Civil Engineering) and postgraduate studies in the field of construction export at the Faculty of Foreign Trade at SGPiS (currently SGH).

Long-term manager of large investment and construction organizations in the country and abroad. He managed, among others, the construction of the Puławska Financial Center, the Neptun Park complex in Gdańsk, the Trzy Gracje boutique investment in Sopot, and investments in Miasteczko Wilanów.


Winner of many awards in the construction industry.


Founder and owner of the MULTIBUD Group entities.Member of the Supervisory Board of Granaria Development Gdańsk Sp. z o.o., as the leader of the Immobel & Multibud Consortium.



Kamila Krol

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Founder of the Forum of the Leaders of PPP, the Polish National Congress for Climate, a contest for energy industry Leaders of the Energy Transition, and Spotify based podcast: Poland Climate Neutral. 

CEO of Agencja City, a marketing agency specializing in services for municipalities, PR, B2G.

Master of three faculties: Economics, Management and Business Administration for International Marketing Strategy, at the University of Warsaw in Poland and the Linneaus University of Sweden. Member of the World Association of PPPs (WAPPP). An entrepreneur who started every project with a laptop and an idea and grew them from self-funded side projects to recognised competitive business events.


Become a Sponsour and a Speaker of the international Central Eastern Europe & the Baltic Countries Congress on Public Private Partnerships


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